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We Are Committed!

Illiteracy is a major drain on the economic and social resources of our county. It contributes to increased welfare rolls, lost industry, increased crime rates, unemployment or underemployment, a perpetual cycle of illiteracy, and fewer people voting and taking part in the democratic process.

Our commitment to improving literacy skills:

  • Our tutors:
    • are men and women 18 years and older
    • are volunteers who have the desire to help other adults learn to read or speak English
    • have completed our free tutor training workshop to learn the Laubach Method and other techniques for teaching reading and English language skills to adults
  • Our students:
    • are individuals with a desire to improve their lives
    • are in need of one-on-one instruction to improve their reading skills or gain English language proficiency
  • We match volunteer tutors with adults who want to learn to read or improve their basic reading skills or to learn English for the first time
  • We work in partnership with South Piedmont Community College and other adult literacy efforts
  • We raise community awareness of literacy issues
  • We affiliate with regional, state, and national organizations


 How you can help

  • Take a seven-hour Basic Skills or ten-hour English-as-a-Second-Language training workshop and volunteer as a tutor.   See our Events Calendar for the next tutor training workshop.
  • Become a supporting member of the Literacy Council of Union County.
  • Invite us to make a presentation at your church, civic, and business meetings.
  • Encourage adults with low reading skills or limited English proficiency to seek assistance from the Literacy Council or South Piedmont Community College.
  • Accommodate the needs of your employees who are seeking to improve their basic skills or English language proficiency.
  • Include basic skills or English language training in your business plan.
  • Inform others of the high cost of illiteracy.
  • Support quality education in our schools.
  • Contribute to The Literacy Council of Union County.
    • All contributions to The Literacy Council of Union are tax deductible and will ensure that a much-needed program will continue to serve our community.
    • To contribute, print this form and mail it to us.






The Literacy Council of Union County is a non-profit organization that teaches adults to read and/or speak English. Please contact our office for further information.