Upcoming Volunteer Training

Each One Teach One

If you can read, you can teach someone to read.
If you can speak English, you can teach someone to speak English.

Literacy 101: Introducing the Literacy Council

Our orientation, Literacy 101, introduces new volunteers to our community's need for literacy instruction and how our approach helps men and women achieve their education and life skill goals.  Anyone who wants to tutor, assist students in the computer lab, spend time doing office tasks or serve on the board of directors is encouraged to attend. 

To register for a session, email info@literacyunion.org or call 704-226-1425.  Upcoming dates:

Monday, April 27 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, June 1 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, July 13 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, August 17 from 6 pm – 8 pm


Literacy 102: Making the Commitment

The beginning of our tutor training starts in Literacy 102. During this session, volunteers will look at the difference between English as a Second Language (ESL) and Adult Basic Education (ABE) students, take a look at our student waiting list, and be given the expectations of being a tutor.  We also ask that volunteers observe a small group session. You must complete Literacy 101 before attending Literacy 102. Upcoming dates:

Monday, May 11 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, June 15 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, July 27 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Monday, August 31 from 6 pm – 8 pm

Literacy 103: The Real Beginning

Literacy 103 is the final step in preparation for becoming a tutor. It's a five-hour session that gives volunteers the resources to create lesson plans and guidance on how to teach an adult learner.  You must complete Literacy 101 and Literacy 102 before attending Literacy 103.  Upcoming dates:

Saturday, April 18 from 9 am - 2 pm

Saturday, May 23 from 9 am - 2 pm

Saturday, June 27 from 9 am - 2 pm

Saturday, August 8 from 9 am - 2 pm


Literacy 101, Literacy 102, Literacy 103, and the Online Orientation to Adult Basic Skills in North Carolina (which you can complete from your home computer) are required steps to complete before staff can match you with a student.


Training Costs

§      We appreciate a $20 donation from training participants. (If you need assistance, please ask.) After initial training, books, materials, and professional development activities are free to participants who are matched with a student.


Note to churches and other organizations:  As training space allows, we continue to welcome volunteers seeking certification for your literacy programs and request a $50 donation per participant.

To sign up, email info@literacyunion.org or call 704-226-1425.


For more dates, see 2015 Calendar of Events.


Why Volunteer?



There are many ways you can make a difference in another adult's life:

Be a Volunteer Tutor

  • Teach Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • We offer tutoring in several formats--one-on-one, small group, and special topic workshops--to provide safe end effective learning environments that meet the individual needs of our students
  • Read the Volunteer Job Description

Help us in the Office

  • We need volunteers to help with mailings, answer the telephone, assist students in the computer lab, and work on other administrative duties

Advocate for Literacy

  • Join us in making the issue of illiteracy more visible in the commmunity by sharing our story with friends and neighbors
  • Help recruit those who may need our services

Support and/or Plan Fundraising Efforts and Events

  • Work on a fundraising committee
  • Launch a small fundraiser in your neighborhood


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