Why Volunteer?

Tutor Training - Get started this fall!

Saturday, October 1 at the Council (RSVP click here: director@literacyunion.org)

Saturday, November 5 at the Council (RSVP click here: director@literacyunion.org)

Saturday, December 3 at the Council (RSVP click here: director@literacyunion.org)

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

216 N. Hayne Street (Historic Downtown Monroe)

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Tutors are a critical part of our business model. Tutors bring compassion and enthusiasm.

At training, staff and volunteers will provide general information about adult literacy and explain how we provide ‘contextualized instruction’ to students. Our learning model helps men and women who read below a 6th grade reading level achieve life skill goals related to parenting, employment, civic engagement and health. Students--those who speak English and those who want to learn to speak English as a new language--meet these goals through the improvement of their English language skills.

Our goal for training is to match your desire to help a fellow adult learn to read with the instructional resources you need. We provide a curriculum teacher’s guide, student book and workbooks. We'll show you how to teach vocabulary, use site word cards and create lesson plans. We'll serve refreshments.

Before you leave, you can review our waitlist of students and select a tutoring session time that’s convenient for your schedule.

Send an email to director@literacyunion.org to indicate that you want to be a tutor.

Volunteer Tutor Job Description

A tutor’s educational background does not matter.

Patience, understanding, persistence and flexibility are important.


A tutor should be:

  • 18 years or older and have earned a high school diploma or equivalent

  • Fluent in English (both oral and written)


A tutor should commit to:

  • Sign a Statement of Confidentiality (because we promise confidentiality to our students) and Waiver of Liability

  • Commit to at least six months of tutoring. Why?  Students are tested for learning progress after 40 hours of instruction, which may take six months to reach. Tutors who stay with a student for a learning cycle will see student progress and have a good volunteer experience.

  •  Meet with a matched student (or a few students, if tutoring a small group), in a public place at least once a week for two hours. The Council offers space and has agreements with libraries, churches and a couple of businesses in Union County. Tutors select the date, time and location that suit them.

  • Attend at least one in-service training every six months. The Council will offer plenty of in-service trainings. These short sessions give lesson planning tips and provide a forum to give feedback for continuous improvement.

A tutor’s job duties:

  • Prepare lesson plans ahead of time. (Training shows you the ropes.)

  • Keep a portfolio of your student’s progress. (Staff will provide a Student Learning Plan.)

  • Submit accurate records of tutoring hours and student progress on reaching goals to the Council by the 5th of each month. (There’s a form on our website.)


Our Mission

The mission of Literacy Council of Union County is to improve the quality of life in our community and expand individual potential by teaching adults and families to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.