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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 
Literacy Council of Union County
105-A East Jefferson Street, Monroe

We will cover additional resources and what to do when you think you've tried everything available.  Bring your questions and success stories!

Doralisa Pellane, Elizabeth Morales, and Maggie Nelson are presenting. 

Refreshments will be served.  Thanks for your RSVP so we'll know how many to expect.

RSVP or 704-226-1425

In-Service Workshop Materials

Click the workshop title to view speaker's notes (if available).

  • Getting "Unstuck" (011814):  Strategies for moving forward
  • Safety Literacy (090713): Home and Fire Safety
  • Summer Recharge (060113): Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing activities
  • Do You Hear What I Hear? (120112): Listening, speaking, and pronunciation activities
  • International Literacy Day (090812):  Instead of a workshop, join us as we celebrate literacy with other volunteers, students, and families
  • Small Group Secrets (060212):  Learn techniques and activities for effective and fun small group instruction
  • Connect! (030312):  Explore online resources, create .pdf worksheets, and familiarize yourself with our virtual Tutor Toolbox
  • Little Details - Big Difference (120311):  Miscellaneous strategies, suggestions, and techniques, including Wilson Reading Systems "Just Words"
  • Meeting the Need (090111):  Lesson planning, student goals, and some reading tips
  • Writing Works (060411):  Writing activities for all levels
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